Welcome To St. Gonsalo Garcia Ashram and School

          St Gonsalo Garcia Ashram first came into existence in 1926 when it was set up by Franciscan Brothers.  The Ashram is situated within Bassein Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1536 to defend the Arabian Sea coast.  It is named after St Gonsalo Garcia, India’s only canonised saint, who was born close by within the fort.  Brother Lawrence Lovis Shenoy established the school right next to the orphanage in 1971.

        Today the Ashram is home to 85 boys between the ages of five and sixteen. These children are joined in the school by others who live near the Ashram in local villages.  At the moment there are 150 boys and girls going to the school, which teaches from Junior Kindergarten (KG) to Ninth Standard.  In the last few years, the school has expanded in terms both of number of students and the age range taught.


  1. • Give educational opportunities to the children and aid their future development.

  2. • Provide a safe, secure and stable setting in which children can grow up.

  3. • Give special attention to each and every child to develop their self-confidence. 

  4. • Create awareness and give training to preserve and protect our environment. 

  5. • Instill good and healthy habits in the minds and deeds of the children. 

  6. • Develop values of tolerance, equality and justice in the children. 


We believe these children deserve a loving home here no matter what religion, caste or class they come from.

What Your Gift Can Do ?

        There are several ways that you can help St.Gonsalo Garcia to continue to provide a safe and caring environment for the children. The most straightforward way is to give a m onetary donation. This can go towards an area of your choice (for example, something in our future plans) or you can leave it up to us to use it wherever it is most urgently needed.

         It is possible to sponsor the accommodation and education of a child for Rs 3000 a month. If you would like to do this, get in contact and we will be pleased to arrange it. We also welcome gifts in kind. This can be anything from books for the library, stationery, sweets, sports equipment or even computers. If you think you have anything that would be useful for the children, please get in touch.

         The other thing you may be able to offer is yourself and your time. We welcome volunteers so long as they are able to stay for one month or more and have something to offer the children. We are especially in need of people with experience of social work and teaching. The children love to see new faces and working here can be an exciting challenge.